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Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics

(An introduction by Debbie Hepplewhite)

Can Do Cubes for phonics can be used as a multisensory complement to a full synthetic phonics teaching program such as Jolly Phonics.

This product is based upon:

  • the research and classroom findings on reading instruction, past and present;

  • activities which are used commonly in successful remedial, and class based, synthetic phonics programmes;

  • a wealth of teaching experience of the author and others.

What is the Synthetic Phonics Teaching Approach?

Synthetic phonics teaching is a simple to complex approach where learners are taught the alphabetic code.

Students start by learning a version of the transparent (simple, basic) alphabetic code before being introduced, systematically, to the opaque(complex, extended, advanced) alphabetic code.

The transparent code generally includes one spelling variation for the 44+ smallest, identifiable sounds (phonemes) of speech of the English language. The opaque code includes the 175+ spelling variations of the English writing system for the 44+ sounds of speech.

Students should experience a rich communication, language and literacy curriculum in addition to learning technical knowledge and skills for basic reading, spelling and handwriting

Grammar Cubes

Be sure to also check out

the Grammar Cubes! These are a great addition to your English Language Arts program for ELL students!!

US Edition (Get the full description by clicking on the US Grammar Book link at the bottom of this page.)

The basic set ($49.99) includes:

150, 26mm hardwood cubes, each laser-engraved with grammatically related words (all adjectives or all forms of a particular verb, for example)

Can be used as a full, 150 cube resource or split into three 50 cube sets using different fonts.

Free, downloadable Activities Book (See file at the bottom of the page title Grammar US.) showing details of each individual cube, and offering an extensive range of activities and games written with parents and non-specialists in mind.

Large, canvas duffle ‘word’ bag