Welcome to all Homeschooling Families! For pricing and descriptions of Can Do Cubes and Jolly Phonics/Jolly Grammar click on the CANDO CUBE Sale file or the Jolly Literacy Catalogue file below. 

Jolly Phonics/Jolly Grammar can be used with children from Ages 3 years up through 11 years. 

Jolly Phonics is usually taught to children 3-7 then followed up with Jolly Grammar. 

Not sure where your child should start in the program? Give us a call or drop us an email.

To order download the order form, fill it out on your computer, 
then fax or e-mail with payment information. 

(PayPal Invoicing is now available if you prefer to pay online. Just include the e-mail associated with your PayPal account.)

Fax: 1-630-837-1993. E-mail 

If you prefer to give credit card info over the phone call us at 1-630-270-5042. 

Free Shipping on orders of $100.00 or more. 

Option 1 Suggestion: Cubes and Books $106.45 (Better suited for K-2 Children) 

Can Do Cubes for Phonics
Read More about Can Do Cubes Below. Order Using the Fillable Order Form Link.    

Jolly Phonics Teacher and Student Books

Option 2 Suggestion: My Jolly Phonics $185.00 (Better suited for preschool age children)

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